Speech & Language Development: A Natural Process!

At KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER, we aim to assist people having speech and language development issues in Miami, FL.

Speech development is a process that starts at a very early age and it is through this process that a child learns to speak and express himself in the language he hears. As human beings are pre-programmed to speak, speech & language development should normally be a natural and easy process. However, sometimes due to certain conditions or circumstances, some people develop some kind of speech disorders.

Speech Impediments

Several factors can affect language development in a person: psychological, emotional and physical issues can negatively impact on a child's speech and communication abilities. As a result, the latter develop disorders like stuttering, inability to pronounce words correctly or formulate sentences and others. This can lead to lack of confidence and low self esteem in a person.

The Solution For Your Speech & Language Problem

If you or a loved one suffer from speech disorders, know that it is possible to improve and treat the condition. Our Speech & Language Development Center offers several types of speech therapies and activities to help people improve their speaking and communication skills. Feel free to talk to us about your problem, we promise to find the best solutions that are suited to your needs and condition.

«Our speech therapies and activities are tailored to treat each condition.»

Our Strengths

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We can help you develop your speech and communication skills.

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