Efficient and Effective Speech Language Therapy

Consult our professional speech and language pathologist for all your requirements in speech therapies and treatments. We are located in Miami FL.

Established in 2009, KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER is well known for offering effective and reliable speech and langauage therapies to assist people with communication impairments. If you are suffering from any speech problem, you can trust our team to provide the perfect solution for your condition.

Don't Neglect Speech Impairments

Our expert pathologist will study your condition, find the cause and provide the apt treatment. Speech impairments are numerous and they can be caused by psychological, emotional or physical factors. They can also exist due to genetic disorders or developmental delays. Whatever the reason for their existence, most speech deficiencies are treatable, provided that you don't neglect to visit a speech therapist the soonest possible.

You Can Speak With Clarity and Confidence

At our Speech & Language Therapy Center, we provide interventions that focus on receptive-expressive communication, articulation, social pragmatics, fluency, voice, augmentative/alternative communication methods, feeding/Dysphagia, and oral-motor skill development. Our priority is to help you speak with ease and confidence, we promise that you won't be disappointed for choosing our center.

«Whatever the reason for their existence, most speech deficiencies are treatable.»


  • Operating since 2009
  • Known for offering effective therapies
  • Works with a seasoned and highly qualified team
  • Friendly atmosphere
  • State of the art facilities
  • Benefits for low-income people
  • Best prices and packages

Build your confidence through your voice.

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