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At KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER, we undertake an array of highly efficient speech therapy activities to treat a number of speech anomalies. Our Speech Development and Treatment Center operates in Miami, FL.

Speech therapy involves a series of activities which are designed to address speech and language problems. These issues may appear in kids at a very young age, when they have difficulties in picking up words and speech patterns. Adults who have suffered a stroke or brain damage are also likely to develop speech disorders. Speech problems may negatively affect articulation, fluency, vocabulary and tone.

Speech Problems Are Treatable

A person having articulation and fluency problems may stutter, pronounce words incorrectly and repeat sounds a few times. Someone suffering from resonance disorders may have difficulty using the right pitch, volume and voice quality. There are several other instances where a person is unable to communicate properly and there are numerous activities that are designed to treat such speech problems.

We Help You Enhance Your Speech

If you are or a family member is suffering from any type of speech problem, don't delay, visit us at KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER. Our expert practitioners carry out speech development activities with patients in order to improve their language use and communicative abilities. The activities and treatments address articulation, fluency, resonance, vocabulary as well as memory issues. Swallowing problems can also be treated with certain speech therapies.

«Our expert practitioners carry out speech therapy activities in order to improve the language use and communicative abilities of kids, teenagers and adults.»

Speech Therapy Can Improve:

  • Understanding of language
  • Use of pitch, tone and words while speaking
  • Stuttering issues
  • Use of augmentative/alternative communication means
  • Swallowing problems
  • Self confidence

Let's solve your speech problems.

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