Speech Therapy: Make Your Child's Voice Heard!

Operating in Miami, FL, our team at KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER are specialists in speech therapy for children.

Speech impediments and deficiencies in children can happen due to several factors: some psychological, emotional and physical conditions can impact on a child's speech development. Moreover, developmental delays, genetic disorders as well as accidents can cause kids to develop communication issues that affect their language use, understandability, fluency and speech volume. Sometimes, kids may suffer from swallowing problems as well.

Speech Problem? Get Treatment Now!

It is very important that speech and communication disorders be attended to as soon as they start showing. Human speech development starts at a very young age and any anomalies should be treated immediately. Otherwise, a child may grow up with serious speaking and swallowing problems, which can have a severe impact on his/her self-confidence and communicative abilities.

Qualified Speech Therapists For Children

At KREATIVE THERAPY AND REHAB CENTER, we specialize in speech therapy and activities. We work with a team of highly qualified and experienced speech therapists who offer reliable and efficient therapies that aim to correct speech disorders in kids. We also cater for adults having speech issues. Feel free to browse through our pages for more details.

« Get appropriate speech therapy, care and treatments to improve your language use, understandability and self-confidence. »

Aims of Speech Therapy

  • Clearer, more fluent speech
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Efficient communication abilities
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Better use of language
  • Greater understandability

Let our Speech Therapist prepare your child for better communication.

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